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An Ounce Of Nutrition


"I am taking the pledge because I’ve seen firsthand how “real” food and nutrition can help kids stay healthy now and into the future. And how choosing responsibly-made foods can help protect our planet and promote a better world. I would love to see the next generation free of the chronic diseases that many of their parents will experience including; heart disease, diabetes and cancer. My dream would be that every child, in every school has the opportunity to learn how they can create a healthier future for themselves and the world around them!"

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I took the pledge because I feel that today's students are taking a real interest in what they put in their bodies. They deserve to have available tools to learn the benefits of nutritional education and how it affects them personally & academically. I hope that schools take note of the benefits of nutrition. Kids today are "starving" for this sort of information!

Leslie Levine


Nutrition education is critically important for our youth to grow up healthy and achieve academically. Now is the time for every school to include nutrition education for all students in every grade. This shouldn't be a one week curriculum but rather content used throughout the school year in health education and in other classes, too.


In order to push back against the deliberate confusion that the food and beverage industry causes from their less-than-truthful nutrition claims, we need to reach our students at a very young age so that they can make healthy and wholesome choices!

Jourdan Lewis


Summit Nutrition


ARKcentric Community Solutions


We believe there is a hero inside each one of us. Our role is to help people believe it for themselves, and then to put their strengths, passions, and dreams to work bettering their family and community.

Shelby Rakes

Our school is small and lacks the funding of larger districts. We are also not a huge free and reduced school either, we are right in the middle. Because we are not more free and reduced doesn't mean that our students are eating the foods that they should be though. I am the health and PE teacher for HS and ES students. I would like to partner with our food services director to teach students about food and how to prepare food that is healthy. I would like kids to have hands on experiences with the food that they eat and at the same time educate them on the benefits healthy food has on their body. We are currently doing things similar to this, they are getting educated, however, I would like to get the students into a more interactive environment, one that helps them better understand how important food is for their bodies.

Marsha Howe

Shawn St. Sauveur - Denver Public Schools



I believe that all kids should have access to healthy food and the information needed to making healthy decisions. Healthy Food is a right not a privilege.


PJ Fuller


I'm very interested in knowing more about your products. I've been tasked to make our snacks at school/lunch healthier.