Nutrition Curriculum

Real Food - Responsibly Made


An Ounce of Nutrition’s curriculum is designed to help educators teach students about the benefits of choosing more “real” nutritious foods, while inspiring them to advocate for a healthier food system.  Students learn about topics that include basic nutrition and cooking skills, farm to table concepts, fruits and vegetables, food marketing and cultural ways.

Each topic is written in an easy to read format and includes the following:


  • Student objectives
  • Learning targets for students
  • Recommended materials
  • In-depth background information for teachers
  • Lesson plans
  • Copyable student handouts
  • Suggested activities that reinforce the topic:
  • Labs or other nutrition-related activities
  • Hands-on cooking or other food related activities
  • Ideas for expert speakers
  • Field experiences related to the topic they are learning about
  • Film suggestions
  • Extended time-frame projects (e.g. over the course of a quarter or semester)
  • Links to videos
  • Additional recommendations for books, videos or online reading for each topic


The curriculum is extremely flexible and can be tailored to your teaching schedule.  For example, there is enough information contained in this curriculum that a teacher could teach the class every day.  Or if your schedule is limited (e.g. 1 hour, 1 day a week), you can pick and choose a single lesson plan that makes sense for your students.


Colorado only: We offer a train-the-teacher program. Our services include teacher training, planning and implementation support, material purchases, program evaluation, and coordination of class logistics for the many hands-on activities, such as cooking, labs, field trips, speakers, and more. We take care of the details so that teachers can focus on teaching!


Our Colorado curricula meet state standards for health education. Our National curricula meet national standards for health education, family and consumer sciences, social science, and life sciences.


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